Navadra, the logo of the game Navadra, the island map Navadra, the interface of the game Navadra, Earth Creatures Navadra, Water Creatures Navadra, Fire Creatures Navadra, Wind Creatures Navadra, Character no player Navadra, Avatars of adventurers Navadra, Creatures of the island

Illustrations and interface for Navadra, Ludic 2D Video Game on the web

Jeu video

Realization of the user interface (HUD), and the logo of the video game Navadra. Creation of many 2D illustrations of characters, avatars and creatures with Photoshop. Finally creation of a setting, the map of the island including 4 different areas (water, earth, fire, wind).
The game : Navadra is a 2D video game combining role playing game (RPG) and ludic challenges to learn mathematics. You play a schoolboy which finds itself on a mysterious island populated by different magic creatures. Many meetings and challenges will take forward you in the game and his story and at the same time enjoy mathematics.
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