What are you looking for ? Convey a message ? Create a website, a video game, a comic or a logo, buisness card, flyer,... ?

What are you looking for ? Convey a message ? Create a website, a video game, a comic or a logo, buisness card, flyer,... ?

I am here for you ! Whatever if you are a company, an association, a communication agency or an individual, I will assist you in the creation or development of your projects through three services

Give life to your stories, your projects of video games or board games, your comic stories and books,...


A concept, a story has to put in image ? Ask me.

A picture is better than a thousand words. Tell me your story and I will bring you into a new world not made of letters and words, but of shapes and colors.

I so create for you a narrative, not textual but illustrated. The illustration allows to deliver a message, an emotion. It can so become a real pillar in your communication and a bridge between the languages.

  • -> Creation of illustrations for edition : books, comics, ...
  • -> Creation of illustrations for your communication : flyers, posters, ads, whatever for printing or web.
  • -> Creation of concept arts for video games : Creation of characters, objects, props and sceneries in 2D or with 3D modelization.
  • -> Creation of illustrations for tee-shirt ou other objects like mugs, phone house, …
Take care about your communication together


Your communication is in trouble? Take care of it !

The communication is one of the keys of your success. Your visual identity is a part of it, and has to reflect your activity. She has to be reflected, to mark the spirits and to correspond to your needs

Your website cannot be your only document of presentation. A meeting? An exhibition? An event? To give your business card, a flyer or another brochure is the good way to leave a memory to your interlocutors.

-> Logo, buisness cards, brochures ou flyers are the weapons of communication. Use it !

  • -> Creation or redesign of visual identity, logotype, graphic chart.
  • -> Realization of correspondence material, business cards, letterhead.
  • -> Creating posters, flyers, brochures, sales brochures, booklets, ...
The internet, the web, the multimédia and applications

web & Apps

Still not on the web ?
Do not wait more to comunicate.

Web and media applications are some of the the most effective way to communicate today. They are essential to promote your company, your product or your services. Integrating the last standards of Web, I create ergonomic and operational interfaces while associating originality and design.

  • Creation of full website to promote your last product, your firm and the services you offer. Creation of event, promotional, shop websites, blogs, online catalogs, ...:
  • -> Creation of responsive web templates (optimised for computers, tablets and mobile)
  • -> Cutting and integration of web pages using the last web standards (HTML5 / CSS3 W3C valid)
  • -> Creation of newsletters and animated or static banners
  • -> Creation of user interfaces for your web, android and iOS applications or for video games.


Listening to your needs

1) Listening to your needs

First of all I invite you to get in touch with me and I suggest that you providing me the most precise possible specifications of the work to be made. We can also draft it together, if you wish.

Tips and suggestions

2) Tips and suggestions

After analyzing the specifications, I contact you, to advise you and suggest improvements in relation to your project and your budget. Good communication starts with good advice, your project is envisaged as a whole in the light of your communication priorities.

Realization of the estimate

3) Realization of the estimate

I make then an estimation of the time required for the realization, and base myself on this estimation to propose an estimate. This estimate is "fixed", it will not vary, unless a modification of the initial specifications is operated, in which case an amendment must be signed by you and me.

Creation with commitment and rigor

4) Creation with commitment and rigor

Upon receipt of the estimate, of the cachier of loads and general terms of sale signed and of a 30 % deposit, I strive to give life to your projects and to satisfy you with quality creations adapted to your needs. During the project, exchanges will take place during the key stages, defined on the estimate, for validation from you.

Billing and rendering the project.

5) Billing and rendering the project.

An invoice will be sent for the delivery of my performance. This functioning can seem to you "a little bit stiff", but it is not. I love my job, so I want to do it seriously. My only goal is to provide you quality work.

Cartoon illustration of the artist Anthony Peltier, graphic designer, webdesigner & illustrator

Why to choose me ?

  • -> A single contact on your project from design to completion of the project.
  • -> A sound quality, flexibility and responsiveness.
  • -> Custom-made creations.
  • -> Lighter loads(responsibilities) thus price lists(rates) more competitive than agencies with equal rigor and professionalism.