Rest In Piece

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Logiciels utilisés

  • Photoshop


Jeux video

Project description

Rest in Piece is a 2D platformer type video game. In this game, the player plays a dismembered vampire and must play with certain parts of his body each having its own characteristics. It is then necessary to use the skills of each of these parts to complete the levels and go to regenerate the body in the coffin.

For graphics, the graphic style of "Do not Starve" which highlighted the dark side and black humor was chosen.

The interface, assets and animations were made in photoshop and later used in a 2D video game creation software.

It is a project for which I worked in team with other graphic designers, illustrators. The team consisted of Laetitia Poirson, Francky Malliet and myself.

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Home screen of the platformer game

Home screen of the platformer game

Few platforms sketches

Few platforms sketches

Screenshot of the game

Screenshot of the game

Animations of one character

Animations of one character