Cartoon illustration of Anthony Peltier, graphic designer, web designer & illustrator

Who am I ?

My name is Anthony Peltier and I am freelance graphic designer, web designer & illustrator.

Curious, creative and motivated, I am passionate and in love for graphics. I like to navigate into a world where art has only imagination as limits.

Considering me as a real modern knight of times, armed with my stylet and with my graphics tablet, I browse the world thanks to the Web, my faithful companion, in search of noble quests.

Feel free to contact me to tell me about your project: I will bring all my skills to complete the quest you entrust me.

If you want to know more about me or my creqtions, I invite you to a quick visit to my blog.


My work experience

A graduate in computer graphics and Web design by MJM Graphic Design school in Paris, I then studied 3 years the drawing and video games in Isart Digital school.

These grades have given me a strong background in graphic design. Since I continue to educate myself, to ameliorate and improve my skills.

After an experience in print publishing agency (A.E.P Arts Edition Paris), as a graphic designer, I did two internships as a graphic designer in Dreamzer Games, a web video game firm.

I today work as graphic designer, webdesigner, illustrator as freelance.