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Project description

The company Jungle Laye is a tree climbing activity in the south of France. She hopes to create a new logo for the Jungle Laye tree climbing park.

The client wanted to see a full family in the logo representing the family of managers of the company. Composed of father, mother, their 4 children and 2 grandparents, the family was drawn in a cartoon style from photos of the farm family of Laye Jungle society.

The client also wants to use the characters for the presentation of activities within the park. A family illustration series has been created to be integrated into the logo.

For the tree climbing park logo, the company wishes to highlight the natural side of the place and the family side of the activities.

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Logo of the climbing tree park Jungle Laye

Logo of the climbing tree park Jungle Laye

Characters of the Jungle Laye's family

Characters of the Jungle Laye's family