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Project description

GCC is one of the ten first french group of buildings and public works with two poles of activities : the construction and the energy.

The company GCC wanted a mascot representing the 2 poles of activities of them company. This mascot will be use to present the prevetion in all the commincation mediums of the company. It will be displayed on all the documents from the prevetion to be identified immediately like a security document.

I created the character design of the mascot GCC, in a cartoon style, in colors. I represented the construction pole by a concrete container for the body and the energy pole by a bulb for the head at the customer's request.

The mascot wears gloves, helmet and shoes, the basic elements of the security on work areas. With this character, we will be able to represent it in different dangerous positions that will be serve like exemples of what we cannot do on a construction site.

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Mascot for safety of GCC

Mascot for safety of GCC

Mascot for safety of GCC - Expressions

Mascot for safety of GCC - Expressions